Origami Iron Man Is Impressive, A Geekologie Reader's Own Design (Making It Even Better)

June 24, 2008


Brian Chan is a Geekologie reader than can fold paper like nobody's business. And here's a recent Iron Man creation of Brian's own design. "It is folded from a single uncut square of paper, and so is the mask." Hit the jump for a few more shots, including the mask and the paper templates that show you just how much folding was really involved (shit-tons). Good work, Brian. Say, I'm about to do a little paper folding of my own. Toilet paper that is -- I'm blogging from the can again! *flush*

Hit the jump for more images and a link to Brian's origami website, with lots more original designs (including tons of awesome bugs and animals).





Iron Man
Brian Chan's Origami Page

Thanks Brian, and keep up the paper-folding goodness

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