OMGWTFNOBBQ?: Cannibal Banquets

June 6, 2008


A "Cannibal Banquet" is gross and involves eating a sort of fake human.

Here's how the Cannibal Banquet works... a pinata-like "body" is carefully crafted, then stuffed with edible goodies in a red sauce. More "sauce" is somehow embedded into the outside covering - "skin" as it were - of the body so that it will appear to bleed when cut into.

What.The.F***? And I thought the Bread Head Bakery was an assault on good taste. This cannibal banquet is a fullblown wack attack. I'd still try it though. Save the neck for me, Clark. Ooh, and a breast.

Hit the jump for worthwhile before and after shots (don't worry, the beaver is pixelated in traditional Japanese porn fashion).



Feast Like a Cannibal at the Human Banquet [inventorspot]

Thanks to Zach and whoever the other person was that sent me this a few weeks ago but I forgot to post. Let me know who you were and I'll give you a shoutout and buy you a beer.

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