More Origami From Our Folder In Residence

June 25, 2008


Brian Chan is now Geekologie's official paper folder in residence And he's hard at work on original designs to showcase at his exhibition table at this weekend's Origami USA Convention in New York. He stayed up all night working on this WALL-E, and as you can see, he's looking good. If you want to get an idea of what to expect at the convention, just take a look at Brian's other amazing work here. Seriously, click that link, you won't be disappointed. I'm really digging all the beetles. Oh, and Fay Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. So, anybody else going to the convention this weekend? If I was in New York I would be. Unfortunately I'm not and I hate driving and flying. I only crawl -- bar crawl! You see, I'm an alcoholic.

Hit the jump for more of WALL-E and another link to Brian's origami page in case you haven't clicked it the first two times I've given it to you.





WALL-E Origami

Brian's Best Original Origami Designs

Thanks again Brian, and have fun at the convention this weekend.

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