Master Chief Made Entirely Out Of Balloons

June 3, 2008


If there is one thing I hate at a birthday party it's a creepy-ass clown. A close second are magicians. But after magicians come balloon animal makers. And not just because the one I hired for my college graduation party got drunk and swung his little balloon covered unit around like a helicopter in front of my entire family, but that's part of it. Well the guy shown here, known to sobbing children in the Provo, Utah area as Balloon Guy, makes some pretty serious balloon sculptures. Seen in the photo is Master Chief, but hit the jump for a Star Wars AT-AT, Mario, a Ninja Turtle, and what may or may not be Optimus Prime. Balloon Guy says he'll make anything "as long as it's family friendly." BOOOO! You're telling me you're gonna show up dressed like that and not make balloon privates? Secretary, cancel Balloon Guy for the company picnic, we'll have to go with our backup: pony rides and a stripper.

Hit the jump for all the highly questionable other.





Balloon Guy
Ladies And Gentlemen, Master Chief As Balloons [kotaku]

Thanks Shawn, you don't know any strippers that do corporate events do you?

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