Lightning Guns To Help Fight The War On Terrorism, Old People With Pacemakers

June 9, 2008


A company called Applied Energetics is developing lightning guns capable of stalling cars and shorting IEDs from a safe distance. They were originally planning on using them on people, but have since moved to cars and bombs after an unsuccessful attempt at rounding up test subjects (bums). The weapon is expected to be ready within 5-6 years and I'll definitely be adding one to my anti-robot arsenal. You hear that, Zeus? I said I won't be needing your lightning bolt services after all. Your rates were ridiculous anyways you greedy bastard. Oh, and while I'm at it -- I banged your wife/sister Hera! Two birds with one stone, baby! Chalk it up.

Lightning Guns to Short Out Cars, Fry Roadside Bombs [gizmodo]

Thanks Sev, don't lightning me bro!

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