LEGO Johnny Five Is(n't) Alive

June 4, 2008


This is a LEGO Johnny Five. As you may recall, he's the robot from such films as Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2. Brothers Brick user rack911 made him, and I've got to admit he's looking pretty damn good. Small, but good. Especially the eyes. They remind me of an ex-girlfriend's. Blue and piercing. That chick could burn a damn hole through your skull if she stared long enough. Although truthfully, she was a lot less like an actual girlfriend and a lot more like the Chirsty Brinkley poster I hung above my bed in college. Ahh, she and I shared many romantic evenings in that dormroom after my roommate was safely asleep. And sometimes when he wasn't. HAHA, I caught you watching that one time, Ben!

A couple more pictures and a link to the full gallery after the jump.



Brickshelf Gallery
Lego Johnny Five A Work Of Art [uberreview]

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