Highly Questionable: 3-Person Table Tennis

June 26, 2008


This 3-person table tennis table looks like the least fun thing I've seen in a while. I have no idea how you play and whether or not the person in the middle always loses, but if I had to guess I'd say yes.

Okay I did some more research and it turns out the pieces are part of a modular table tennis setup that can be arranged in a variety of ways. Six of the pieces will even make a complete circle and still won't be fun. Not unless you douse the ball with tiki torch fluid and then try to hit each other in the face. Oh damn, did I just invent the world's awesomest game? Hell yeah I did, it's called strip Mario Kart.

Hit the jump for a pic of another configuration.


Three-person ping pong table is more inclusive [dvice]

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