Guitar Hero Figures From McFarlane Toys

June 30, 2008


Thats right folks, McFarlane Toys has partnered with Activision to make a line of Guitar Hero themed action figures. They'll be hitting stores in November (in time for Christmas/robot apocalypse) and will each feature 15-18 moving parts, stand abound 6" tall, and run $10-$15. The figures available will include Johnny Napalm, Lars Ãœmlaut, the Geekologie Writer, Axel Steel, the God of Rock, and the Devil of Country. Seriously though, I should have a damn action figure. With accessories. Like a blue-screening computer and broken cellphone. Nagging girlfriend and cubicle playset sold separately.

Hit the jump for a look at two of the other figures.


McFarlane Toys Parnters With Activision On 'Guitar Hero'

Thanks Emily and Romeo, and no, I don't use the medicine cabinet as an action figure display case. At least not anymore.

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