Good Job: 14-Year Old Makes His Own Cars

June 10, 2008


Naman Chopra is a 14-year old boy in India who makes his own freaking cars. He's built two so far, a little red sports car and the limo seen there in the picture.

The black beauty is also made from junk and is capable of speeds of up to 130MPH. It has a 1498 cc engine borrowed from Daewoo Cielo. This car is equipped with power windows, power steering, manual 5 speed transmission, sun and moon roof, central locking, tubeless tires, 15" alloy wheels, clear headlamps, driver and rear passenger separation (just like in a real limousine), runs on gasoline, stereo, leather seats. Both cars are in perfect running condition.

Good looking, Naman -- very impressive work. You've definitely got a bright future in the automotive industry if you keep this up. I seriously can't believe the ingenuity of today's youth. They're making all sorts of incredible things. It's amazing. The only thing I was making at that age was out with Peder Lou. Oh, you thought I was joking about that last post didn't you? Well I wasn't. I've got enough emotional baggage to fill the all too familiar back of a 1991 Ford Econoline.

Hit the jump for more pictures (including the other vehicle), and a link to the more in-depth article.




Naman Chopra from India makes his cars and promises to go miles [handcraftedcars]

Thanks to Tejas, who can build anything MacGyver can, but twice as fast

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