Gaming Station Looks Like Torture Device

June 18, 2008


The Ergonomic Workstation from Ergo Motions looks freaking ridiculous and may or may not come with some of those little toothpick-y things to keep your eyes pried open. I mean this thing is even wacker than most of the other ridiculous workstations we've seen here. It was designed to "help gamers...avoid the repetitive stress injuries and posture issues that often result" from sitting in a dark room surrounded by empty Pringles and Mountain Dew cans. Not totally sure why it needs to lean back like that, but if I had to guess it's for a more realistic flight and/or looking up a woman's dress simulators. The mutant dental chair is currently in prototype phase, so we'll have to wait to find out if it'll ever see the light of day. And, if it's anything like my World of Warcraft addicted roommate, it won't.

Hit the jump for a full list of specs if you're really curious.

•Industrial rack mounted hardened PC
•Two 19" Digital monitors
•7.1 surround sound system
•Wireless network capability
•Ergonomic keyboard and mouse
•Video conferencing capability with a built-in camera
•VOIP with full telephony features
•Articulating calf support (programmable to reduce DVT)
•Mechanically adjustable armrests
•Mechanically adjustable head rest and monitors
•Pneumatically inflatable lumbar and headrest bladders
•Mechanically reclining motion to 38 degrees
•Mechanically adjustable seat depth (knee to hip)
•Mechanically retractable monitors
•Swing away keyboard (manual)
•Form fitting seatback, armrests and seat cushion
•Memory chair presets via proprietary Motion Control Board/Software
•Compact design using twelve square feet of floor space

Ergonomic Workstation: The Ultimate In Geeky Gaming Comfort [gizmodo]

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