Eye Candy/Poison: Wicked Gaming Tattoos

June 9, 2008


First off, I'll kick my current girlfriend to the curb and marry you if that's you in the picture (the chick with the ink, not one of the dudes). I mean that. The only way to the Geekologie Writer's heart is a permanent reminder that you love the Zelda series as much as I do. So ladies, if you're looking to get into these Umbros (I'm wearing them as boxers), now you know how. Just fire off an email with a picture of your Zelda-themed tattoo attached and we'll get our elope on. Then we'll honeymoon in Hyrule. I know people. Like a Goron that'll sell us some bombs. Seriously, what better way to profess our undying love for each other than blowing some shit up and stealing rupees from the townspeople? Now I know what you're thinking, and yes, that was the most romantic thing ever written.

More MUST SEE gaming tattoos after the jump, including several Marios, another Zelda, a Pac-Man on someone's ass (don't worry, I censored the crack) and the epicest of epic Star Wars tattoo just for the hell of it (why is guy's face blurred? I'd be proud as hell). Also a link to the 40+ picture gallery thats also worth checking out.









Tattoo Nerd [fotoalbum]

Thanks Tenchi059, now lets go get some wicked Geekologie ink

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