Eco-Friendly Car May Score You Chicks

June 3, 2008


Listen up guys: it turns out driving an eco-friendly car may increase your chances of getting to touch a woman.

According to a study conducted by GM as part of this year's Challenge X competition:

* Nearly 9 in 10 women (88 percent) say they'd rather chat up someone who owns the latest fuel-efficient car versus the latest sports car.

* Eighty percent of American car buyers would find someone with the latest fuel-efficient car more interesting to talk to at a party than someone with the latest sports car.

* More than 4 out of 10 (45 percent) 18- to 43-year-olds say it's a fashion faux pas nowadays to have a car that's not green or environmentally friendly.

As a public service for those of you that aren't having any luck in the woman department, I've added a few other chick-attractors to the list.

* Tons of money.

* A good sense of humor.

* Listening to them talk about stuff you don't care about instead of tuning them out and playing video games.

* Not living at home with your parents.

* A 10-inch penis.

* Puppies.

* Shoe sales.

* A 12-inch penis.

EcoGeeks get all the girls [yahoogreen]

Thanks Abe, wanna go cruising for chicks in my neighbor's Prius?

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