Crazy Computer Desk Looks Like A Drum Set

June 3, 2008


We've already seen all sorts of ridiculous computer desks here at Geekologie, and here comes another -- the V1 (V for Vision, not Vagina). It looks like the bastard child of a three-way between a car seat, computer desk, and drum set.

The V1 computer desk is dynamically designed to be the best computer desk system on Earth. Comfort, quality, and customer satisfaction are our primary goals here. Three years of planning and development has brought the V1 computer gaming desk to this certain point. It can now be yours.

They start at $1,700 (sans monitor and speakers) but can be customized with different options all the way up to like a billion dollars. Maybe it's for you, but it's not for me. That thing would take up the whole damn room. Although now that I think about it, diamond-treaded foot rests could come in handy during a particularly volatile porn session.

Hit the jump for a few different setups and a link to the website.




Product Site

Thanks Benjamin, I'll buy you one just as soon as the money starts rolling in from my Economic Stimulus check scam

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