Chug 2 Beers In 2 Seconds With The Bierstick

June 13, 2008


Now I love drinking beer just as much as the next raging alcoholic whose BAC can't drop below .12 (think Speed, but with less bus and more cirrhosis), and definitely took my share of beer-bongs and shotguns in college. But a time comes in every man's life when it's time to settle down and drink beer out of a glass instead of a plastic funnel or the side of a can you've punctured with your car keys. So I'm gonna have to pass on the Bierstick. It's a device that allows the user to drink up to 24 oz of beer in less than two seconds. You just pour the beer in, push the end against a wall (or a scantily clad chick's chest -- picture after the jump!) and slam into it when you're ready to shoot beer out nose. Each stick will set you back $20 but guarantees you'll be the life of the sausage party.

And since it's Friday and you've all been good this week, a picture of two hot chicks in their bras using the thing after the jump. Also, I added a few videos of people using similar devices (which appear to be paint sticks) as evidence that it does it fact make you look like you're going to town on a monster beer-filled dong.


Bierstick Lets You Chug Beer At 1 Can Per Second [ohgizmo]

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