Boom Arm Starbase Workstation Allows You To Work Comfortably From Bed, Recliner, Can

June 27, 2008


The Starbase Alpha Boom Boom Room Workstation Arm thingy is ridiculously named and holds either a laptop or LCD monitor while you're playing with yourself in bed or asleep on the can.

Workstations available for use with either a Laptop computer(ST-03) or for use with an LCD Flat screen monitor(ST-04).

Key Benefits
Use your computer in comfort
Use your computer from non-traditional places
Portable take it where you need it.

Both cost about $300 and you'll be ridiculed if you ever use one. Just like I was after posing for that picture there. And before you ask, yes, those are my pink sheets, and no, that's not a boner. Those are my toes. Wait -- I take that back. Freakin' huge.

Never get out of bed to blog with the Boom Arm Starbase Workstation

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