Black Box Casemod Is Actually Bright Red

June 12, 2008


Some guy scored an old black box (flight data recorder) off eBay and, after removing the asbestos and fiberglass it was stuffed with, threw a Linux server up in that mother. I love the look, but an indestructible casemod just isn't for me. I need an acid-bath casemod that destroys itself should I not log onto my computer for 24 hours. Because otherwise:

(Inside a small church. It's The Geekologie Writer's funeral. There are only a handful of people in attendance. The pastor begins the eulogy.)


The Geekologie Writer wasn't the brightest star in the sky, nor was he handsome by anyone's standards, but he did love his job. And, as was discovered posthumously, cartoon porn. Superficial Writer, please return to your seat. The Geekologist specifically requested no one pee in his casket.

Hit the jump for a few more shots of the mod.



black box server casemod should survive a plane crash [technabob]

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