Baby Born With Extra Thingie On Its Back

June 11, 2008


I've been contemplating whether or not to post this since last night, but since so many people sent it in, and I'm a sucker for peer pressure (I do drugs now), I guess I am. Of course, the story was broken by The Sun, so it's probably faker than the license I use to buy beer with (I'm only 17) anyways. Allegedly a son born to Li Jun, a 30-year old farmer from Hejian City in China's Henan province, was born with an extra penis on his back. I had a kid on my swim team growing up with an extra nipple on his back, but never have I heard of a spare penis. The appendage is the result of a condition known as fetus in fetu, in which one twin is partially reabsorbed by the other. Thankfully, the baby underwent surgery to remove the unit (which was attached to the spine) and the baby has made a full recovery and will live a normal, one penis life.

Seriously, Geekologie is thankful the surgery was a success, the baby is healthy and doing well, and wonders if doctors could attach that thing to me somewhere. Anywhere, I don't care. Forehead's fine.

Uncensored picture of the thing after the jump. WARNING: It's a baby with a penis on it's back.


Baby born with penis on back [thesun]

Thanks Loni, Joe, Alice and Dr. WTF for making me realize that being born with two penises isn't the blessing I thought it was

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