Zip Holder Keeps Your Zipper Up, Prevents Embarrasing Situations (Exposing Your Junk)

May 6, 2008


The Zip Holder is a very simple product. It consists for a rubber band that loops through your zipper hole, then over your pants button. It keeps your zipper up so it doesn't sneak down to the bottom and end up exposing your tubesteak to everyone on the #9 train. Pretty clever, but seriously, pants are on their way out -- especially ones with zippers. As a rule I don't want anything with metal teeth (especially Jaws from the Bond movies) that close to my moneymaker. Seriously though, it is my moneymaker. I moonlight for a strippergram company. Lots of Rick Roll requests these days. Hey, I don't care, it pays the bills -- there's no shame in my game. Fine, there is. Tons. Mountains of shame.

ZipHolder Zipper Holder Makes Pantsings Super Difficult [gizmodo]

Thanks to Shawn, who doesn't wear pants and the ladies are totally cool with that

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