World's Most Expensive House Costs A Lot

May 2, 2008


Mukesh Ambani, the fifth richest man in the world, is having a new house built in Mumbai. Mukesh made his money as head of Mumbai-based petrochemical company Reliance industries. His net worth is over $43 billion and he, his wife, and 3 kids currently live in a 22-story tower (the whole thing). You know, my girlfriend and I once lived in a Ford Festiva for 7 weeks. So why anybody needs a $2 billion, 550 foot high, 400,000 square foot home for five people is beyond me. I mean, we could have accommodated three more people if we had had a Taurus or some other mid-sized sedan. Hit the link to see some more pictures and a link to an in-depth article explaining all the crap inside, but I can't write about this anymore, it's just too frustrating. But you know what? While Mukesh may be rich in a monetary sense, my life is rich in tradition. Yep, traditionally I come home from work at six, drink eight beers and a pint of bourbon, eat whatever culinary abortion my wife has prepared, then pass out. And a tradition like that, Mukesh, is something money can't buy.

Several more renderings of the interior, and a link to the article, after the jump.





Inside the World's First Billion-Dollar Home

Thanks to Mungo9000, who may or may not be a robot from the future, for the tip

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