Win Lobsters In A Claw Machine. HAAHAHA A!

May 6, 2008


Get it? Lobsters, claw machine? Lobsters have claws, this claw machine has lobsters, I have no brain. I've actually known about these machines for a while, because I was filming a documentary about people (me) who get drunk and travel around to bars playing claw games. If you think I'm joking I have three trashbags filled with stuffed animals and crap to prove it. Oh, and I saw one like this at a seafood restaurant in the Outer Banks. The place would even cook your lobster for you if you won. But it cost $1 to play so I only got to try twice. And even being a claw machine expert, I couldn't freaking grab the crustaceous bastard I had my eye on. I did manage to tear one of his legs off though.

NOTE: Not really.

Worthwhile video of people playing, after the jump.

Bizarre Japanese Arcade Game: Live Lobster Catcher [weirdasianews]

Thanks Melissa, I'll take you out for a nice lobster dinner sometime. Somewhere with those delicious cheese biscuits.

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