Website Lets You Graffiti Any Other Website

May 7, 2008

site-graffiti.jpg not only stole the domain name I wanted, but it actually made pretty cool use out of it (not the website I was gonna make about people with gold privates). Basically you enter any URL you want, and then the site it provides you with graffiti tools (markers, spray cans, stencils) so you can graffiti the hell out of it. I did one for the best website on the interwebs (Geekologie), and you can see the results above. Now I know what you're thinking, "Damn, The Geekologie Writer has mad graffiti skeelz." And you're right, I do. I swear, you put a spraypaint can in my hands, and I'll huff the hell out of it.

: Kids, huffing is bad. Don't do it. Not even a spot of delectable model airplane glue. It really does destroy your brain, and not in a good way like alcohol. Just look at me, I'm priving loof.

Oh, and if you make anything good, attach the link in the comments

Paintthatshitgold Website

Thanks Jason, now lets go tag the shit out of the neighbor's house

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