Use Whatever You Want For Clock Hands

May 2, 2008


Well, you can't really insert anything you clock fetish pervwads. Just things that are relatively small, cylindrical, and lightweight. But everything that meets those criteria is fair game. Like, um, severed fingers (I recommend using a thumb and middle finger -- 3 and 9 o'clock will be hilarious!). Seriously though, this thing is pretty clever. It's really got me thinking about what time it is. Which, right now, is time to find two more things to post about. And then -- then it's time to mow the lawn and shower. But after that -- well, by then the wife will be home and it'll be time to play video games and tune her out while she complains about her day at work.

Several more pictures of the thing and what you can do with it (use twigs!) after the jump off. And yes, I posted this to make up for that coat hanger timepiece from earlier.




Making Your Own Clock [yankodesign]

Thanks to Stacy, who knows what time it is (it's time to get ill), for the tip

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