UPDATE: Jessica Rabbit Untooning Video

May 12, 2008

Remember the "untooned" Jessica Rabbit picture from a little while ago? Well now there's a video of how it was done. And for those of you that thought it looked like Angelina Jolie, give yourself a hearty pat on the back for being so right -- the picture from which the artist pulled the realistic features was indeed everyone's favorite MILHSWWBCUBAC*. Now go out and buy yourself a pipe and magnifying glass, you deserve it you little detective you. So this is a video of the first hour of untooning packed compressed into 10 minutes. Feel free to skip around and get a feel for the process. But under no circumstances should you feel free to skip around and get a feel for your crotch. Remember, you're at work.

*have sex with while Brad cooks us breakfast and cries


Reality Cartoons Contest (a whole bunch of untooned characters worth checking out. Some are good, some are mad shitty)

Thanks to Josh, who was once propositioned by Jessica Rabbit at a bar in Toontown, but turned her down because her eyes were too big

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