Untooned Peter Griffin Looks Pretty Good

May 13, 2008


For those of you that never click through to the jump or check out the links I so lovingly provide, you probably haven't seen this. Unless it came to you in a dream or something. In which case I wouldn't trade dreams with your for all the money in your couch. Anyway, this is human-like Peter Griffin from Family Guy. It was an entry in the Reality Cartoons Contest I linked to in yesterday's Jessica Rabbit video post. If you've seen it (and especially so if you saw it by following the link I provided yesterday), then I applaud you, and you get an A+ in Internetellect 101 (yes, I'm going to continue using that until it catches on and I get some credit). Regardless though, this Peter Griffin untooning does bring up an interesting question: can someone get a naked Betty Rubble one to me at least 30 minutes before my wife gets home?

Since today is side-by-side comparison day on Geekologie, I've included one of Peter after the jump.


Peter Griffin untooned [worth1000]

Thanks to Jon, who is qualified to teach graduate level internetellect courses at The University of Geekologie

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