University Of California, Berkeley Marching Band Does Nintendo Themed Halftime Show

May 7, 2008

This is a video from November of UC Berkeley's marching band doing a Nintendo inspired half time show. I would have posted it early, but honestly, UC Berkeley didn't accept me and I hold grudges. And for the record -- filling out a college application in crayon shows creativity, damnit. And the coloring book page I included proved that, while creative, I can still color within the lines when necessary. Well anyway, this is the school's marching band doing a Nintendo themed half time show. They start off with a little Tetris, then move on to some other stuff, until the 3:10 mark (I recommend just watching this part) when they start hitting those Zelda notes. Mario Bros. follows that. It was pretty impressive, but the performance left a little something to be desired. Namely a better performance. Just kidding, that's the grudge talking.

Another video of the infamous Gordon College live action Super Mario Bros. performance in case for some reason you haven't seen it.

This video looks like it was filmed through a piece of cheesecloth, but at least the person zooms in around the 1:00 mark.


Thanks Joy, you should come over and play some Mario Kart on the Wii later. My mom will even make us sandwiches. Cut diagonally, just how you like them.

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