Touchscreen Turntables Require No Records

May 27, 2008


Let's face it: records are round and made of vinyl. The ATTIGO: TT is the brainchild of Dundee University student Scott Hobbs and is basically two digital turntables (with waveforms displayed) that allows DJ's to "loop, sample and scratch wave forms just as you would a record." Scott is currently looking for manufacturers interested in producing the ATTIGO, and I'm currently looking for a new girlfriend interested in producing beautiful music. But just with me -- not my roommate and the Fed-Ex guy while I'm busy mowing the yard. I HATE YOU JANET! YOU'RE LOOSE AND NOW EVERYONE ON GEEKOLOGIE KNOWS IT.


UPDATE: Okay, we're back together. But I'm leaving this up because I know she's gonna end up banging the dude that works the aquarium section at the local pet store. I've seen the way they flirt around the cichlids.

UPDATE: Wow, the reptile guy too. Didn't see that coming. Nice touch you skank.

A worthwhile VIDEO of the unit in action after the jump.

ATTIGO TT: The Touch Screen Turntable [psfk]

Thanks Shawn and Chris, let's get the band back together

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