The Naturmobil Is A One-Horsepower Vehicle

May 7, 2008


The Naturmobil is the brainchild of Dubai (you know, the United Arab Emirate that's always building crazy stuff) resident Abdolhadi Mirhejazi. It's a one-horsepower vehicle. Literally! Can you see the horse in there? He walks on that treadmill, which both powers the vehicle and charges a battery. I don't know if they have to dangle a carrot over his head or not.

Mirhejazi also discovered the horse can power two LCD advertising screens mounted on the sides of the Naturmobil.

"Bearing in mind the originality and uniqueness of the idea, Naturmobil was designed and built to achieve the maximum level of attention from its audiences," said his marketing manager, F. Minooeifar.

Wait a minute. This Mirhenjazi character has a marketing manager? I don't have a damn marketing manager. Of course, I don't have a one-horsepower eco-vehicle either. What I do have is a wicked magic act that features two mind-blowing card tricks. I'm seeking representation. Anybody interested? Come on, I can even work a pigeon into the act.

Several more pictures, including one of the device that catches the horse's crap while he's walking (I know I was curious), after the jump.





Thanks Shawn, you tie the horses to the hitching post and I'll meet you in the saloon.

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