Thanks Grandma, It's Just What I Wanted! A, Uh, MiWi. Oh Really, You Got A Great Deal?

May 12, 2008


Awesome, another fake video game console. Designed to trick elderly grandparents and disappoint children, the MiWi is a Wii knockoff (in case you couldn't tell). It's monster piece of crap and comes with a throwback N64-looking controller. The best part? It requires no AC power! That's right folks, the console runs on 4 AA's and the controllers 2 AA's apiece. What else do you get?

- Interactive Boxing,PingPong,Tennis,Golf,Baseball,Soccer,Bowling Games
- Wireless Joypad
- 16 Bonus Games
- New design 16 bit color games
- Accessories:1 Main console, 1 Wireless Joypad, 2 R/C stick , 2 PongPong Racquet, 1 Baseball Bat, 1 Tennis Racquet,1 Golf Stick, 1 Soccer sensor,1 AV Cable, 1 Giftbox, 1 User Manual, 2 game card

Wow, did that just say "New design 16 bit color games"? Is that really a new design? Weren't 16 bit games a "new" design in like 1987 when the Super Nintendo and Genesis came out? Regardless, I can almost guarantee I'll get one of these for my birthday. Good ol' Grandma Bertie. She'll spend an hour telling me how easy it was to find one despite what everyone says, and how cheap it was priced. Then, when she wakes up after having talked herself to sleep, she'll tell me how the checkout guy wouldn't accepted an expired Taco Bell coupon and she had to browbeat him until he sold it to her for the price of a beef gordita.

One more picture of the peripherals after the jump.


wimi game console is nothing like a wii, really.

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