The Tetris Theme Played On Empty Bottles

May 8, 2008

First the RC car Mario theme, and now this. It's a video of the Tetris theme "as arranged in the Dr. Mario & Tetris SNES video game". It's played by three people and a bunch of empty bottles. It seems like they originally recorded it at half speed and then sped the video up (it sounds like there's a metronome clicking in the background too). But I could be wrong (I've been wrong before). All I know is that these kids have some serious talent and I want to support them. By, uh, drinking all the booze out of the bottles they need. I'm what's considered a "generous patron of the arts". I bet you didn't know that about me did you? What about the nipple on my back?


Thanks Shawn, how about you and I split a bottle of bourbon? I'm buying.

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