Sweet (!) Companion Cube Birthday Cake

May 8, 2008


A guy who goes by N III sent me a little tip about this delicious Weighted Companion Cube cake. He writes, "My girlfriend decided to be awesome, and collaborate with a friend to make a pretty fantastic rendition of the Portal companion cube in the form of a birthday cake for me." Now that is so sweet. I wish I had a girlfriend that gave me something besides a mysterious rash for my birthday. Listen, I know what you readers are thinking -- "fondant tastes like plaster", but that's not what this is about -- this is about a girlfriend who lovingly made a companion cube cake for her boyfriend. If fondant is the key to wicked cake artistry, so be it. So just save your "I once fondanted my gonads and the dog wouldn't even lick it off" comment for somewhere else.

Two more pictures of the cake (including one with it cut so you can see the red-velvety deliciousness inside) along with a link to a bigger gallery, after the jump.



Weighted Companion Cube Cake [photobucket]

Thanks N III, you've got a good woman, so hold on tight

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