Steve Ballmer Gets Egged In Hungary

May 20, 2008

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer got egged in Hungary by some student during a speech at Covinus University in Budapest. I'm kind of partial to the helicockter treatment myself, but that's just personal preference. Apparently the kid stands up, screams, "Hey you, Microsoft has stolen 45 million something something somethings from the Hungary people. Give that money back right now!" Then he lets the eggs fly (with absolutely no accuracy). What in the freaking hell is the matter with that kid? First off, he didn't even hit him. And secondly, egging someone is immature and I can't believe a college student would resort to something so juvenile. Grow up and buy some stink bombs already.

Another slow motion video after the jump.


Thanks Andrew, you wanna help me TP a professor's house some night this week?

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