Steampunk USB Drive Looks Pretty, Shiny

May 28, 2008


This is a steampunkified USB drive that comes to us all the way from Russia. As you can see it's got all the typical steampunk necessities, namely brass and copper. No actual steam though, that would be ridiculous (and dangerous to carry around in your pocket). Say, have I ever told you the one about the time my girlfriend "steampunked" the computer for my birthday? Yep, she actually steamcleaned all the components. You know, because she's an idiot. Despite her incredible ignorance and the monumental loss of porn, I did appreciate the gesture. Just kidding, I let her pay for my birthday dinner and then broke up and slept with her roommate.

A couple more pictures after the jump.



steampunk usb memory: flash, ah ah [technabob]

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