Solar Boulder Holder Powers A Little Sign

May 14, 2008


Triumph International, a Japanese firm that really triumphs in the global lingerie market, has created the Solar Brasserie (not to be confused with the solar bikini or solar dress). It's a bustier that looks like it was made out of carpet and has a flexible solar panel pinned on. It also comes with some unusual looking padding that I thought typically went on the inside of lingerie. But what do I know? I'm not a underwear manufacturer, I'm just a man with a penchant for bra-ripened chestmelons. Oh, did I mention the solar panel powers a little scrolling sign? Because it does, and it can be programmed to read whatever the wearer desires like, "TSA - I swear this isn't a bomb" and "$50 for 30 minutes".

One more worthwhile picture of a sexy model (I actually mean it this time) wearing the thing after the jump.


Solar Brassiere for the eco-friendly lover [newlaunches]

Thanks to Shannon, who I would be more than happy to model this for anytime

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