Ridiculous Beer Pong Table Is Crazy, Nuts

May 9, 2008

Four couch burning engineers at WVU recently made a ridiculous beer pong table. And when I say ridiculous, I mean it's almost as cool as mine, which is two stools and my roommate's closet door. I recommend you let the video load and then skip to 2:15 to see the finished product. The first part is just still shots of the construction and wiring (which is worth watching if you're into that sort of thing). The table has tons of LEDs which move to the music playing, a nice WVU logo in the middle, and the coolest part -- swirling ball washers built into the table! I thought that was impressive. The kids are currently taking orders if you want something similar, you just tell them what you have in mind and how much you want to spend. But be warned -- this one cost over $1,000 to build and took over 400 hours to complete. Which is funny because at the beginning of the video it says that they only consumed 6 cases of beer during the project. 6 cases? I won't even drive a nail into the wall or mow the lawn without crushing at least 7 cases. Pussies. Oh shit WVU, you just got burned!

Seriously though, great job guys.


Thanks Shaina, lets take a trip up to Morgantown sometime and show them how its really done

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