Promo Vid: How Not To Sell Microcontrollers

May 21, 2008

I found this promotional video for Texas Instruments' new MSP430 Ultra Low Power Microcontroller particularly funny because I used to work for the company. *TI stock plummets* Basically it's two monster geeks showing how you can run the thing on different fruits (just like the potato clock you made when you were six). However, the main reason I posted it is because it has an awesome scene that starts at 1:20.

Blue Guy: Now if you're watching this on Youtube feel free to respond with your own interesting power sources for the MSP430.

Red Guy: I can tell you a martini works wonderfully.

Blue Guy: But you didn't drink that martini right?

Red Guy: Nooo, of course not, that would violate TI policy. *smile disappears, looks down and contemplates killing himself in the middle of a Texas Instruments promo video*

Freaking classic.

Fruit-Powered Chip Promo Vid Shows Why Geeks Don't do PR

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