Baaad Idea: Robot With Supergun Attached

May 28, 2008


iRobot, best known for selling Roombas (the vacuuming robots) and Loojes, (the ass-cleaning robots) has partnered with Metal Storm (the purveyor of 1,000,000 round/minute superguns) to create a robot that just made me destroy the back of my pants. The 250 pound vehicle is allegedly going to be used for non-lethal purposes, but we'll see what happens when the thing goes rogue.

Metal Storm's 40mm weapons mount can deliver both high-explosive and less-lethal rounds. Which makes it perfect for everything from urban assaults to "border patrol" to "infrastructure protection" to "crowd control."

Okay, so I take it infrastructure protection isn't getting your house's foundation sprayed for termites. I swear, you learn something new every day. Like today I learned if my wife's dog gets really excited when a stranger comes to the door she's likely to shit on the floor. Knowledge: it's not just in books, sometimes you step in it.

Robot + Supergun = 'Crowd Control' [wired]

Thanks Kyle, so how exactly do we destroy these things?

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