Holy Repo, Batman: The Batmobile Is On eBay

May 6, 2008


Remember Tim Burton's 1989 film classic Batman? You know, the one with the guy from Mr. Mom, that chick from L.A. Confidential, and the dude who I always confuse with the golfer with a similar name? Yeah, that one. Well one of the five Batmobile props is up for sale on eBay at a cool $500,000. It's prop car 5/5 and only has 58 miles on the odometer. The 20-foot long, 8-foot wide vehicle is built on a custom frame and powered by a Chevrolet 5.7L 350 engine. I kind of want it, but not that bad. I mean I already have a car. If I bought a Bat-vehicle, I'd go for something I didn't already have. I'm thinking Batman's yacht, the Batty Batshit.

UPDATE: Well the auction used to be there. Now the item has been removed. I hate to start wild speculation about what happened, so I'll cut straight to the chase -- the freaking Joker stole it.

Hit the link for a whole bunch more pictures and a link to the auction page where the auction used to be.








eBay Auction
The Tim Burton Batmobile Is For Sale

Thanks Shawn, we'll go cruising for chicks in my dad's station wagon sometime

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