Duck Hunt Lamp Is Looking Zappertastic

May 6, 2008


Based on the picture quality this thing could have been made 450 years ago. But I doubt it because the Nintendo Zapper and Duck Hunt didn't exist until at least the mid 1800's*. So we'll just assume the picture was taken with a pinhole camera made out of a Quaker Oats canister that someone forgot to eat all the oats out of first. It's a Duck Hunt/Zapper lamp. It looks good. I'd make one and put it in the living room but I'd stumble into the end table drunk one night and destroy it. That and I'm not sure how I feel about desecrating old school Nintendo cartridges (okay, the lamp's base is actually larger than a real game and made out of cardboard) and peripherals to make household objects. Well, except for the Power Glove. Sweetest oven mitt ever.

I Love Duck Hunt Lamp [albotas]

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