Portable NES Gaming Systems On eBay

May 1, 2008


Still got a bunch of old NES cartridges lying around? Want to play them while you're on family car trips instead of listening to your mom and stepdad bicker over whether you're stopping at Arby's or McDonalds for lunch? If so, you may be interested in the FC Mobile console (or the solar-powered portable emulator). It plays the original NES cartridges and is available on eBay for $40-$50.

Take your NES games on the road with the FC Mobile Console. Featuring a 2.4" LCD screen and stereo speakers, you can recreate your NES experience right in the palm of your hand with the FC Mobile Console. Want to show off your gaming skills to your friends while you play? The FC Mobile Console supports a TV output connector so that you can make or break your NES experience right on your TV screen.

That's what I'm talking about. I love "showing off my gaming skills to my friends while I play". Hey guys, check this out -- I'm playing Super Mario 3. Now watch, I'm gonna fall off this platform into a pit and die. HA, did you see that shit!? I totally owned that pit, didn't I? Hell f'ing yeah I did -- they're called skills folks, and I've got tons of them. Now somebody tell my mom to bring us the Sunny-D.

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fc mobile console plays original nes carts [technabob]

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