People Claming Wi-Fi Allergies in New Mexico

May 29, 2008


A group of wackjobs in New Mexico are claiming they have allergic reactions to Wi-Fi signals.

"I get chest pain and it doesn't go away right away," alleged Wi-Fi allergy sufferer Arthur Firstenberg told KOB-TV.

The Santa Fe city attorney is checking to see if the Wi-Fi signals could be considered a form of discrimination, KOB reports.

Freaking wow. Before you waste any more time Mr. or Mrs. Santa Fe city attorney, let me tell you -- Wi-Fi signals aren't a form of discrimination. And neither is me kicking Arthur Firstenberg in the nuts and telling him to stop drinking the Fire hot-sauce packets from Taco Bell.

New Mexico Wi-Fi 'Allergy' Sufferers Want Wireless Ban

Thanks Neal, are you any closer to New Mexico than I am? I mean I'll still go out there if I have to, I was just hoping you could save me a trip.

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