Peeandgo, A Questionable Urinal For Women

May 30, 2008


The Peenandgo is a urinal for women. Because flowers and singing, moving clowns just don't cut it for chicks. The unit was designed by Chen-Karlsson and has a ball in it to prevent splashing or something. I thought it was pretty questionable, but I guess they're catching on because I heard they installed one in the women's room here at the office. I haven't seen it though. Oh, hold on, here comes The Superficial Writer.

Hey buddy, yeah I saw the Kim Kardashian post, way to put her in her place. I agree, totally butt pads. Seriously though, I can't believe she can even use a computer. Say, what you got there? A golden ball huh? You didn't happen to find that in the floor of the women's room did you? Nevermind what you were doing in there, just get it off my freaking desk. No, I don't want to buy from you. Or hold it. Dude I'm trying to post here, take the peeball back to your own cube.

One more picture after the jump in case you were wondering how the thing is used.


Peeandgo, The Lady Urinal With a Splash of Gold [gizmodo]

Thanks to Shawn, a man with the golden touch

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