Original NES Gets Redesigned, Sleekified

May 8, 2008


ReNESED is Javier Segovia's name for his redesigned Nintendo Entertainment System. As you can see it's a little sleeker, has some added color (namely red), and wireless controllers. Plus there's a funny looking placemat. I'd demand Javier make me one, but I don't need another Nintendo because I had a doctor install one in my brain. Well he isn't really a doctor in the traditional "medical" sense, but he has stabbed a lot of people in prison. Which I think is at least deserving of an honorary Ph. D in Stabbyology from the University of State Corrections.

Another picture of the redesign after the jump.


NES Redesign Is All Kinds Of Hot Shit [kotaku]

Thanks James -- say, you mind blowing in my ear? The game won't load unless you blow on it.

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