OLED Phone Will Stick Out Of Your Pocket

May 22, 2008


That is one looong phone. It certainly brings new meaning to the phrase "long distance calling" doesn't it? No, it doesn't, and that didn't make any freaking sense. If you thought it did you should see someone. Like me -- I love crazy people. So what we have here is the "NEED", a two OLED touchscreen phone by designer Tamer Koseli, whose aim was a "no frills" design.

He argues mobile phones are basic multimedia gadgets, far from their traditional aim of communication. He wanted to create a device with no superfluous features. That's right, you won't find a MP3 player, video capabilities, or even a camera.

Now call me an evil genius, but I'm pretty sure having two OLED touchscreens isn't a "no frills" feature. Honestly, that shit is frilly as hell. I mean, you write the damn number you want to call and it dials it? I think that's a little more superfluous than, oh I don't know, punching numbered buttons. That said, what in the hell kind of number is D544 B7B 3...? Do you think it's one of those phone sex things? I love those. I don't even need to talk to a real person, the automated part at the beginning is enough for me.

A bunch more pictures of the thing after the ring-a-ling-a-ding-dong. God I need help.




OLED Phone [techeblog]

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