Oh Hell Yes: The Personal Rocket-Copter

May 1, 2008


We've seen personal helicopters here before, but nothing with the added awesomeness of jet-power. Well now from the same company that brought us the Rocket Belt (Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana) comes the Libelula (named after a part of a woman's nether-region if I'm not mistaken) Rocket Helicopter. It's currently just conceptual, but they actually sold the Rocket Belts, so this may become a reality as well (oh hell yes, please). "By using tiny rocket motors at the tips of the rotor blades, the Libelula eliminates the torque which makes a tail rotor necessary in a conventional helicopter." Now, as a guy who judges how much fun something will be based on the level of danger involved, I give the rocket-copter a "moderate-to-high" ranking for fun potential. If they added bombs and missiles it'd score a solid "high". If it came with a faulty fuel gauge, one of the blades was just barely attached, and people shot at you every time you flew it I'd give it an "extreme" rating. Which, besides having unprotected sex with my ex-girlfriend, is the only activity to rank so highly.

Strap on rocket powered helicopter lets you demonstrate your bravery [dvice]

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