NES Controller Coffee Table Actually Works!

May 9, 2008


We've seen a NES controller case mod, a gigantic fake NES controller, and even a huge functional Atari controller, but never a humongous working Nintendo controller that doubles as a coffee table. Until now. Kyle Downes, a man I wish lived next door, was the creator of this wicked controller table.

Kyle spent months putting this together, starting with a scanned image of his original NES control. This he then simply scaled up, carefully crafting each piece out of MDF and hacking his own wiring onto a broken old controller board.

The glass can be removed if you want to use the controller to play (see video after the jump) and there is plenty of storage for other video game systems in the compartment beneath the controls (see picture after jump). Say, this gives me an idea...

UPDATE: Well they say hindsight is 20/20, but you've got to admit -- a fully functional Wiimote coffee table sounds like a good idea you first time you hear it, doesn't it? No? Well thanks for the warning. Now what the hell am I gonna do with this thing?

A bunch more pictures and a video after the jump. Have a good weekend everyone.





NES Controller Mod, May Just Be Most Fun Coffee Table Ever [gizmodo]

Thanks to Casey, who knows that bigger is always better, and to Pork Musket, who likes human syrup on his waffles and sausage

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