My Hand Is Red!: Make Things Glow Different Colors With A Handheld Thermal Imager

May 27, 2008


The $7,500 Thermal Imaging Camera from Fluke combines "both a visible light digital image with an infrared one, producing a single view that lets you get an immediate visual temperature may of whatever you aim it at." It was designed primarily for an industrial work environment, and if it was priced $7,400 cheaper I'd consider getting one. But not because I work in a factory, because I don't. No, I've heard these things are great for ghost hunting. It's a fact that ghosts are colder than the air surrounding them and try to grope me in my sleep.

Another picture of some guy (which may or may not be Mike Rowe, the object of my nonsexual man-crush) using the thing, after the jump.


handheld thermal imager: how cool is that? [technabob]

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