More Robotic Death And Destruction, This Time Under The Guise Of "Disaster Relief"

May 20, 2008


The Disaster Relief Robot was designed by Daniel Shankland, the same sick bastard behind the Firefighting Robot. The two robots were "designed with the same core parts and then specialized for the tasks we wanted them to complete." In this case they're supposed to aid disaster relief. But let me ask you something -- does that picture really look like two robots involved in disaster relief? No, it doesn't. What it does look like is either A) two robots ravaging a city looking for color to eat or B) two robots battling each and destroying a city in the process. Neither of which paints a very colorful picture of the future (just look at it -- it's all black and white). You see what I'm getting at here? That's right, the robots of the apocalypse will be powered by ingesting color and leave the earth barren of pigment. *sniffle* I'll miss you periwinkle.

A bunch more pictures, including a close-up of the crotch, and an actual model of the thing, after the jump.





Disaster Relief Robot [clusterflock]

Thanks Romeo, lets get drunk this weekend and break the toy robots at Radioshack

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