Luncheon Meat With Faces Just Tastes Better

May 6, 2008


This is some delicious pork luncheon meat. With a face. As you can see from the sign it's 80% pork and 20% something else they figured wasn't worth mentioning in the product description. Which means it's probably the most delicious lunch meat on the planet. I mean, 20% mystery filler AND a kid's face? That's a recipe for yummy if I've ever heard of one. I would have downed the hell out of this stuff in kindergarten. Speaking of which -- back then they wouldn't give us dessert unless we ate our whole meal. So you'd have to sneak the nasty stuff to a portly kid or stuff it in your socks when the teacher wasn't looking.

Another picture of Builder Bob meat (and I mean that in the most unpervy way possible), after the jump.


tombland's photostream [flickr]

Thanks to Pork Musket, who's definitely gonna need a pork cannon if he wants to fire this shit

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