Lonely No More: Bed A Virtual 2-D Girlfriend

May 16, 2008


INBED is the brainchild of NYU student Drew Burrows. Drew is a really lonely guy that decided a 2-D virtual girlfriend would be way easier to bed than a real 3-D one. And he was right. The girl is projected onto your bed from the ceiling and interacts via "infrared-sensitive" light. If you curl up on your side she spoons with you, and if you lie on your back she stretches out beside you. Plus, if you're feeling amorous and try to kiss her she raises her rear into the air and beckons you to "tap that". Just kidding, no chick would ever do that -- she just buries her head in a pillow and ignores you like your girlfriend does whenever you're feeling procreational.

UPDATE: Okay, I know I said there was no woman that would ever do that, but I got to thinking and figured in the off chance that one of you lady readers out there might do that, could you please contact me?

NYU Student Creates Virtual Girlfriend - Shame She's Only 2-D [gizmodo]

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