Licensed Nintendo Themed Urban Clothing

May 30, 2008


Torrell LLC has recently released a line of Nintendo themed urban clothing for sale. It's expensive. I'm digging some of it, but freaking t-shirts are $50 and the jackets (like Bowser there) are $200. So it's too rich for my blood. Especially since I've been thinning it with alcohol since 10 this morning. And not with that sissy beer shit either, I've been mainlining the isopropyl. Gettin' mad f***ed up.

A bunch more pictures of different styles, a video, and a link to the online store with all the designs, after the jump.





Online Shop
Nintendo Licensed Clothing Line [hauteconcept]

Thanks Zachary, you wanna go halvsies on a Bowser jacket and take turns wearing it?

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